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The World of Bill Windsor; spin doctor, domain-squatter, obsessed stalker, VEXATIOUS LITIGANT

The following is constitutionally protected blogging activity and is protected under First Amendment ‘free speech’ rights - and/or, using Windsor own words, "This website and all of my websites are protected by the First and Fourteenth Amendments. Everything that I publish is true and correct based upon my personal knowledge or opinion based upon my understanding of the events and issues."

[note - this information will be updated as the mess known as Bill Windsor continues to get messier - please check back for updates]



NEW - Open Letter to Bill Windsor (published on facebook on 07-05-2014 - and note, Windsor is suing facebook, but failing to win)

NEW - By nature of who he is, Bill Windsor has amassed a cult of followers with dangerous criminal histories, and many supporters of those convicted. Click here for a small sample.


What's this all about?


Over the past year I and others have been monitoring a particular "public figure" named Bill Windsor. What makes him a public figure:

  • His claim of being a member of "news media"

  • His claim of being a "published book author"

  • His claim of being a "movie producer"

  • His claim to be the founder of Lawless America

  • His claim of "founding" what he calls The Revolutionary Party (for
    which he self-produced an "official" State of the Union Address)

  • His twice running for elected office

  • His claim of being a "Grand Jury Consultant"

  • His claim of being the "Leading Authority in the country on Judicial Corruption"

Bill Windsor is addicted to filing lawsuits and serving as his own pro se attorney, and when courts don't rule his way (which is almost always), he files more lawsuits, falsely screams about corruption that doesn't exist, uses the internet and the front of a fake movie (recently changed to a supposed "TV series") to scorn the system which tries to protect the victims--and the taxpayers--from his fraudulent lawsuits.

He has published many, many bios and profiles online, each differing slightly, and all proven to be greatly inflated. Here's a sampling: LinkIn  |  Wiki  |  Who's Who  |  IMDb


The first three claims above? Well, even in his court documents he refuses to provide proof of his claim that he is "a member of the press, and many suspect the closest he is to a press member is paying $20 online for one of those fake press badge lanyards. As for being a book publisher - there is no ISBN associated with his name (however he tried to prove he's a book publisher by posting his Picaboo book about flags of the U.S. - an item anyone can make online for about $20). And as for "movie producer" - there is no movie. He only has a bunch of poorly produced interviews posted on youtube, none which come even close to meeting the definition of a "movie".

The next three claims of his above are true, albeit strangely hair-brained and haphazardly executed ideas which will be detailed further into this
exposé. First, you must know about an additional title of Windsor's, one which he'd prefer others didn't know about - the title the courts applied to him, "Vexatious Litigant".

This rarely applied designation was a result of Bill Windsor
committing what's known as Paper Terrorism, and was earned after over forty cases of Bill Windsor either suing others, or others suing him - the clincher case being his suit against Maid of the Mist, where it was ruled by Judge Evans that Bill Windsor "engaged in "deceptive acts" which "deceived" customers by creating a "scam" of selling vouchers they knew were worthless. Judge Evan further found that "Alcatraz [a Windsor family company] and Windsor have unduly complicated and prolonged [the case] as a result of harboring hostile personal feelings against Maid." Upon appeal to the United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit, the Court affirmed Judge Evans' summary judgment order and the imposition of the permanent injunction. The Court of Appeals concluded that Alcatraz and Windsor "acted purposely and maliciously with the intent to injure Maid and ... did in fact cause Maid financial injury." The Court of Appeals found the defendants' counterclaims were unnecessary and were asserted to cause Maid "unnecessary financial hardship." A Consent Order and Judgment was signed in Georgia on December 9, 2008 which embodied the terms of Judge Evans' Order and Judgment of August 9, 2007. Subsequently Windsor filed multiple motions and commenced a new action against Judge Evans seeking her removal from the bench and her impeachment as a judge. Petitioner Windsor also filed proceedings to have all of Maid's attorneys disbarred from the practice of law. Petitioner Windsor constantly refers to Maid, its attorneys and Judge Evans as "extremely dishonest people" and "pathological liars".'" (italicized text excerpted from the March 2010 Albany County NY Supreme Court Order and Ruling)

As for his claim of being a "Grand Jury Consultant," well, I once spackled a hole in my wall, does that make me a Dry Wall Consultant? Does one become a Grand Jury Consultant having gone before a Grand Jury a single time? I think not, but Windsor thinks so--and says so at the 40-second mark in this video.

And this? His claim of being the "leading authority in the country on judicial corruption". Really?

And then there's his
candidacy for office - twice:

He ran as an
independent candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives in Georgia’s 6th Congressional District, on a concerning platform, where he promised to "be honest at all times" and to "uphold the fundamental rights that we were granted under the Constitution and Bill of Rights." The campaign plan for "America's Candidate"? Well, "Rather than spend his time asking for votes door-to-door in Georgia, Bill is driving to all 50 states taking testimony from over 600 victims of government and judicial corruption. He will present this evidence to Congress." and promised to "shake up Congress like it has never been shaken before."


He also claims to have been nominated for Chief Magistrate Judge of Cobb County Georgia, but never says who nominated him, but he did release another horribly produced video to beg for support from 20,000 people. In the end - he received only 23 signatures.

Many people who have dared to
share information on Bill Windsor, the Public Figure (or at the very least, the Limited Public Figure), his history, and his current outrageous activities, have now become his stalking victims....

continue to Part 2




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